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Wall Textures by Art Effects

Art Effects, uses sophisticated, architectural and decorative finishes to create unique textured surfaces
for your home or office.

Wall Textures... Architectural and Decorative Finishes

Texture on a fire place
The Fire Place *step by step*     Faux Fossil Rock Tools

Art Effects, uses architectural and decorative finishes
to create sophisticated wall textures of interest for your home or office.

Sophisticated Texture





Dimensional Textures

Although using techniques in trompe l'oeil and faux finishes you can achieve a textured finish look that "fools the eye" and is actually just paint on a flat wall, the following examples are of actual 3-d textures you can feel. Click on a thumbnail to be taken to our examples and "How to Pages".

Through these links you will find examples of Art Effects' Wall Textures. We are always striving to find new and creative Art Effects to enhance a wall.

wine-cellar tuscan faux finish Textured Stencil Mizaar faux leather texture with brown paper or tissue paper Fossil Rock Wall Texture

faux marble

To see how this faux finish was accomplished
see our Faux Marble On A Ceiling
step by step and how to page.
"Can you tell where the Faux ends and the Real begins?"
step by step on how we painted a broken wall
Learn How to Break a Wall!

An Artist

" He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands, and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is An Artist. "

- St. Francis of Assisi

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Art Effects can bring interest to your
home of office. One of the most sought after finishes is a
Tuscany or Old World Italy faux. A simple and elegant wall texture with a faux finish can can bring an old world feel to any area of your home.

Portfolio of Decorative Finishes...
Trompe L'Oeil, Murals, Faux Finish Paintings and
Hand Painted Furniture


Faux Finishes and
Art Effects

Art Effects' faux finishes...they aren't fake anything. Everything Art Effects paints is real, at least it is really painted. It is hard for us to separate our painted faux finishes from our trompe l'oeil art and murals, they are all part of a whole, which make up Our Art Effects. Our faux painted finishes with unique effects will have you wondering where the faux ends and the real begins? Faux Finish Schools, Faux Finishing Classes and Mural Workshops Please visit the internet's most frequented faux painting and murals message board!

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